Jobs at the Pioneer Centre for AI

    Deadline: 01 Aug 2024

    Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MCA)

    Pioneer Centre for AI faculty invite international applications for a the EU-funded MCA 2-year fellowship. As a MCA fellow, you will have full autonomy to develop a novel proposal aligned with your research career, guided by a world leading academic supervisor in your field. MCA Fellows receive a generous salary (mobility and living allowances) as well as a family allowance (where applicable). Deadline for indicating interest and identify a faculty/institutional sponsor in Denmark, August 1st. Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action deadline is September 11.


Jobs in Denmark

    Deadline: 01 Aug 2024

    Postdoc in Simulation-based Adaptation for Robotic Data Reuse – DIKU, University of Copenhagen

    The Department of Computer Science invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral position with possibility for further extension. The successful candidate will engage in developing novel robot automation and adaptation techniques using simulation and machine learning methods. This unique opportunity focuses on two key challenges. The first is to create algorithms that can process previous manufacturing data of various formats and transfer the robot motion to fit the new task requirements and setup. The second significant challenge is using simulation to synthesize task data, and accordingly validate and refine the robot motion with model-based learning/optimization. The role demands a strong foundation in robot learning and control, and a keen interest in applying simulation-based machine learning techniques to solve these complex and practice-oriented challenges in digital manufacturing.

    Deadline: 04 Aug 2024

    PhD fellowship in Physics-Informed Data Analysis for Biosciences – DIKU, University of Copenhagen

    The Department of Computer Science invites applicants for a PhD fellowship in Physics-Informed Data Analysis for Biosciences [the project is part of the research project “Differentiable Physical Models for Data Analysis in Biology”, financed by the Novo Nordisk Foundation]. 

    This project revolves around improving data analysis of biophysical/biomedical data by combining physical modelling and deep learning. There is freedom to shape the precise problem by the candidates themselves, and  the formulation of new avenues of research is encouraged. Research areas could include computer vision, development of differentiable physical models, synthetic/differentiable image generation, regularization of simulation-to-reality gap,  probabilistic modelling,  expert knowledge in neural networks, etc.

    Deadline: 08 Aug 2024

    PhD Positions in Computer Vision – AAU

    Milestone Systems A/S is a Danish headquartered company part of the Canon group. We develop Video Management Software (VMS) and AI-based Video Analytics solutions both on premise and in the cloud. Our VMS is used to record video data from various ranges of surveillance cameras, store it on external hard drives, and retrieve it when needed. Furthermore, the captured data can be provided to Video Analytics solutions to help our understanding from the video, to for example, detect an object, track it across one or multiple cameras’ field of view(s), recognize specific (inter-)actions, detect anomalies, etc.

    We are also interested in looking at legal and ethical considerations of developing AI, specifically how to deal with any possible concerns/legislations, for example, unlearning to help with the “right to be forgotten”.

    Milestone has two open PhD positions at Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark on one or more of the topics mentioned above, starting from 1 September 2024 or soon after- and from 1 December 2024 or soon after.

    Deadline: 08 Aug 2024

    Full professorships in Digital Design at the IT University of Copenhagen

    The IT University of Copenhagen, Department of Digital Design invites highly motivated individuals to apply for several Full Professor positions starting in December 2024 or soon thereafter.

    We invite applicants who want to contribute to the IT University’s vision of creating and sharing knowledge that is profound and leads to ground-breaking information technology and services for the benefit of humanity, and who want to contribute to Digital Design’s research strategy.

    We look to hire candidates holding a PhD in areas related to or relevant for research and teaching in Design Research, Human Centred Data Science and Public Digitalisation & Digital Welfare.

    The candidate must conduct education and research in at least one of the following areas:

    • Design Research: designing digital technologies for present and future contexts through experimentation and interventions from a care-oriented perspective; interdisciplinary explorations of the sociopolitical, ethical and cultural outcomes of design prototypes; critically exploring participatory design of digital technologies and services. 
    • AI-based Design: designing new forms of AI-based user experience as well as understanding how people interact with AI/ML products.
    • Human Centred Data Science: focusing on the human factors in the conception, use, and understanding of data; understanding and exploring human practices enabled by technology in the intersection of data science, social science, HCI, and CSCW; combining quantitative and qualitative methods, and work with computational methods such as statistics, machine learning, network analysis together with qualitative methods such as ethnography, interviews, and observations.
    • Public Sector Digitalization and Digital Welfare: exploring the idea of digital welfare and its impact in modern societies; enhancing comprehension of digital societies and participation through active involvement in digital social policy: studying digital inclusion, citizenship and lifestyles that empower individuals and communities through themes such as digital marginalization, aging, care, and loneliness.

    Deadline: 01 Sept 2024

    Tenure-Track Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in Computer Science – DIKU, University of Copenhagen

    The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen has a vision to strategically expand our department to maintain and expand our national and international leadership in computer science. We are looking for both Tenure-Track Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Full Professors within all areas of Computer Science. 

    It is a high priority at our department to foster a research environment of the highest quality allowing people from diverse backgrounds to thrive. You will join a rapidly growing department with strong research sections in the areas of Human-Centred ComputingAlgorithms and ComplexityMachine LearningNatural Language ProcessingSoftware, Data, People, and SocietyProgramming Languages and Theory of ComputingArtificial Intelligence; and Image Analysis, Computational Modeling, and Geometry. We are heading multiple centres within computer science, including the SCIENCE AI Center and the Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence.

    Deadline: 01 Nov 2024

    PhD scholarship in Modeling Sustainability Performance of Bio-based Solutions – DTU Compute

    The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) along with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute) and Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (DTU Bioengineering) at the Technical University of Denmark are opening a Ph.D. position.
    If your expertise lies in machine and deep learning, and you are looking to make a real-world sustainability impact through biotechnology, this is your chance to contribute. Your efforts will play a vital role in driving the sustainability performance of bio-based solutions for natural products, microbial foods, and sustainable chemicals by applying in-silico and human-in-the-loop strategies for modeling. 

    We are actively seeking motivated Ph.D. candidates with skills in machine learning, deep learning, programming, and big data, with an interest biotechnology—a skill set in high demand in industry and academia. To bridge this gap, we offer a biosustainability-focused Ph.D. project supervised by Line Katrine Harder Clemmensen (DTU Compute) with co-supervision from Sumesh Sukumara (DTU Biosustain) and Marjan Mansourvar (DTU Bioengineering).