Graduate Programmes and Internships

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Graduate studies

In Denmark, completing a PhD program normally takes 3-years and is done after a master’s degree.

The Master’s Degree: Students wishing to start graduate studies in Denmark when they have finished their bachelor’s degree can apply for admission to a 2-year master’s degree programme (, and then apply for a PhD position toward the end of their master’s studies. Non-EU students may be required to pay a tuition fee during the master’s degree. Students from within the EU pay no tuition and are afforded a monthly living stipend, on par with Danish students. Master’s students are allowed to work part-time while they study.

In some cases, students can obtain a PhD position part-way through the master’s degree or directly from undergraduate studies in a scheme called the 3+5 Integrated PhD programme. In either case, acceptance into a Danish master’s degree programme is required. 

The PhD: To obtain a PhD position in Denmark, prospective students apply for a PhD position (see openings on our Jobs page) – that is, they apply to become full-time, 12-month academic employees at the host university. If selected, the PhD student receives a generous salary, pension, and full vacation rights. Most are placed at A-4 at the beginning of their PhD (see salary scale here >>). There is no tuition fee for PhD students. 

Academic employees in Denmark have access to health care and many other social benefits, as do their accompanying families. New PhD students receive assistance from the international staff offices regarding settling in a new country. 

In addition to research, PhD students complete some teaching duties, 30 ECTS of coursework, and a short research stay abroad during their 3-year appointment.  Those wishing to complete an internship during their PhD apply for a leave of absence during the internship period. 

PhD students at the Pioneer Centre for AI become a part of a cohort of students from across the centre’s 5 partner-universities in addition to being a full member of their research group at their employment/host university. They will also interact with the Pioneer Centre for AI’s National Advisory Board

Internships at the Pioneer Centre for AI

The Pioneer Centre for AI is not currently accepting applications for individual research internships.

Students interested in an internship should check with their international studies or faculty internship office if there is interest in a program agreement with the Pioneer Centre for AI. Inquiries from program officers or faculty involved in an international internship program can be directed to the Pioneer Centre for AI Chief Operating Officer to discuss the possibilities. 

We currently offer a formal program with CalTech for summer research internships (2024 listing, here).