National Advisory Board

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Researchers at the Pioneer Centre for AI aim to address societal challenges through fundamental research and interdisciplinary problem-solving. In order to ensure that the research has a relevant societal impact we aim to facilitate close ties between our researchers and experienced professionals with a strategic view.

The Pioneer Centre for AI’s National Advisory Board (NAB) consists of domain experts outside of the universities who can advise researchers, exchange ideas, and elicit new perspectives. 

NAB members and experts in their networks will mentor PhD students and advise centre leadership on new partnerships, providing a valuable link between pure research and societal needs and opportunities. The centre’s 7-step plan will help to facilitate the researcher-domain expert interactions. 

Very honored to have been invited to join the National Advisory Board of the Pioneer Centre for AI to help inspire and support young AI talent. Especially now, we need young people to keep believing in improvement, because they are the ones that can do it! —Jens Brehm Bagger Nielsen, Head of AI Accelerator, Ph.D., M.Sc.E.E. at WSAudiology

Current National Advisory Board Members

  • Allan Christian Shaw, Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk
  • Andreas Hjorth Frederiksen, Head of Innovation at the Red Cross
  • Anne Bøgh Fangel, User Experience Manager at Omilon Danmark
  • Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer at Milestones
  • David Kofoed Wind, CEO at Eduflow
  • Emilie Lundblad, Managing Director at Amesto Nextbridge
  • Geet Khosla, Startup Builder, Host of the Geet Khosla Podcast
  • Gitte Moos Knudsen, Professor of Clinical Neurobiology at Rigshospitalet
  • Gitte Pfeffer, Head of Business Support, Sourcing and Logistics at Phillips-Medisize
  • Jannick Brennum, Center Director, Neurocenter at Rigshospitalet
  • Jens Brehm Bagger Nielsen, Head of AI Accelerator
  • Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Professor of Climate Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute
  • Jesper Gretlund, Head of Numerical Competence Centre at Ørsted
  • Jesper Kjær, Director at the Danish Medicines Agency
  • Jesper Urban, CEO and Founder of
  • Joe Miller, Executive Secretary and Director at GBIF
  • Kasper Lindskow, Head of Research and Innovation at Ekstra Bladet
  • Kenneth C. Kleissl, AI Lead and Associate Digital Director at COWI Group
  • Koray Karakaya, Senior Innovation Lead at Noble Corporation
  • Kristine Skovgaard Madsen, Director of Weather Research at Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Leif Elgaard Høj, CTO at Businessmann
  • Lene Tanggaard, Rector at Designskolen Kolding
  • Matias Søndergaard, Co-founder and CPO at Rokoko
  • Mikkel Holm Sørensen, Behavioural Strategist, Managing Partner at KL.7, part of Implement Consulting Group
  • Niels Henrik Pontoppidan, Principal Scientist at Eriksholm Research Center
  • Simon Lajboschitz, Co-founder and CEO of Khora
  • Tess Skadegaard Thorsen, Research Ethics Director at Comcast
  • Thomas Senderovitz, Senior Vice President, Data Science at Novo Nordisk
  • Tonia Sideri, Head of AI and Analytics CoE at Novo Nordisk
  • Ulrik Jensen, Chairman of the board and Co-founder of WriteReader