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The Pioneer Centre for AI welcomes researchers and students in Denmark, or those connected to Danish research, to become affiliated with the centre. Affiliated researchers receive invitations for talks, organize and attend meetings and events, and they have access to administrative and computing support. 

Affiliated researchers and students are an integral part of the P1 community. The most senior researchers, especially, are asked to contribute their time to support activities in the centre, for example, by mentoring students and reviewing proposals and papers. 

Affiliated researchers are welcome to use the P1 facilities for meetings and courses, organize workshops and paper sprints, or just use one of the hot desks to work in a new environment. 

To request affiliation, please use this form. Requests are handled in batches by the P1 Membership Task Force, usually within a few weeks. Any questions you might have about affiliation, please reach out to COO Michelle Løkkegaard