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Extended reality (XR), which encompasses Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, aligns and presents users with information from the real and virtual worlds using AI-based processing of visual, auditory, and tactile data to extend human capabilities. XR can significantly extend human capabilities, improving our ability to make sense of the world.

Based on cognitive and physical modeling of human-computer interaction and experimental approaches this collaboratory will make foundational contributions to two of centre’s basic research:

Explainability: Construct efficient XR systems to connect humans and AI in completely novel ways, effectively augmenting human perception and cognition. We will explore the fundamental limits to personalization of XR. Build new interfaces and AI methods to communicate uncertainty and risks. Provide a new understanding of the social implications of XR-based cognitive enhancement.

Novelty detection: Develop AI and XR based systems that can help us to discover and comprehend the nature of never before seen patterns and anomalies.