Workshop on AI in microscopy





About the workshop

Recent years have given us tremendous advances in methods using artificial intelligence to solve many different tasks: ChatGPT [OpenAI 2021] is a deep learning model that was released in November 2022 and demonstrated how we are able to interact with computers in a natural way.

The Segment Anything Model (SAM) [Kirillov 2023] is also a deep learning model which was released in March 2023 and demonstrated that given enough examples, then segmentation is a task solved.

In this workshop, the participants will:

1) get a quick overview of image processing methods and their names to provide a vocabulary for large language models

2) get hands-on experience with free or cheap tools for image analysis.

Starting with the well-known Fiji analysis program, we will use large-language models to perform image analysis, and finally, we will investigate Jupyter Notebooks and Python as a general tool for image analysis.

Finally, we will discuss the advantages and caveats of the three approaches and discuss what can be done easily and when to contact a data scientist.

We will add more information about the workshop’s programme later.


Register via EMC2024

The workshop is a part of the EMC2024 Conference which will be held in Copenhagen. To participate in the workshop, you need to register for EMC2024 here.

The workshop will have a maximum 100 participants. There will be lectures and hands on exercises on people’s own laptops.


For more information, please follow this link.