Talk: Visual question answering for remote sensing

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Visual question answering for remote sensing



We live in an age full of data. In all areas of society, digital data is now abundant, but also unstructured and pretty much unexploited. Environmental science is no exception and the last years have seen an increase of use of digital sensing to observe and understand the natural realm and the impacts of human activities. In this talk, I will present some success stories at the interface of remote sensing and natural language processing, in particular about how to retrieve images related to physiological or scene attributes with CLIP-like models. 



Devis completed his PhD at The University of Lausanne,  Switzerland, where he studied kernel methods for hyperspectral satellite data. He then traveled the world as a Postdoc, first at University of València, then at CU Boulder and finally back to EPFL. In 2014, he became Assistant Professor at The University of Zürich, and in 2017 he moved to Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where he was chair of the Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing Laboratory. Since september 2020, he is back to EPFL, where he leads the Environmental Computational Science and Earth Observatory laboratory (ECEO) in Sion. There, he studies the Earth from above with machine learning and computer vision. 


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