DTU Skylab: Applied AI Lunch Talks





The Talk

Harnessing computer vision and overcoming the data challenge at focalx 

In this talk, we’ll dive into how focalx harnesses traditional AI, specifically computer vision, as a foundational pillar of its business model. We’ll explore the challenges posed by data scarcity in training ML models and unveil the innovative solutions we’ve adopted. Discover how, by employing generative AI and other cutting-edge techniques, focalx creates synthetic data to bridge the gap, ensuring more accurate and reliable vehicle inspections. 


The Speaker

Isabella Merrild Agdestein, CEO & Co-founder at focalx.ai

Isabella, once a pro dancer, has since delved into the world of Autotech entrepreneurship. Her experiences span Strategy & Implementation Consultancy and are further enriched by her Master studies in Finance & Strategy. She founded focalx, a B2B SaaS startup disrupting vehicle inspection and handovers using AI. 


Charlene Putney, Founder & CEO of WriteWithLaika