DTU Skylab: Applied AI Lunch Talk

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Come join us in the DTU Skylab Auditorium, bring your lunch, grab a free cup of coffee, and broaden your horizons. You can also attend the live-streamed webinar. 


This month’s talk:

How can we solve the increasing need for ‘Quality AI’?

By Amira Moussa from Cheetah AI

The demand for faster, more robust, and more energy-efficient AI has increased exponentially in the last few years while the development cycle has been stuck. Can the FPGA chip solve this issue?


AI dilemma: A Pilot or Co-pilot 

By Sara Shafiee & Alireza Taghizadeh from DivERS

Nowadays, most aspects of our lives have been substantially affected by AI. With the widespread use and huge power of AI, we can ask an important question: Should AI be the pilot or co-pilot? In this talk, Sara and Alireza will talk about how DivERS uses AI to help recruiters to remove conscious and unconscious biases from the recruitment process. Above all, they will explain how DivERS brings humans into the loop, by letting us be in the front seat and AI as a co-pilot.