DTU Skylab: Applied AI Lunch Talk




1st Speaker: Nicholaj Månsson Olsen, Data architect

Nicholaj has spent the last 7 years at BKI building and implementing systems to digitize their production and create the foundation for advanced analytics.

The talk: ”Can AI help create the perfect cup of coffee”

Is it possible to use AI to predict how a cup of coffee will taste? BKI believe so. Nicholaj will be taking you through the journey BKI have been through building an AI product that can help create the right blend of coffee beans to create the required taste of a cup of coffee.

2nd Speaker: Andreas Berre Eriksen, Co-founder of Ambolt AI has a background in Computer Science, and is on a mission to empower people with AI.

The talk: “Human-centric AI”

We don’t believe AI will replace people, but we do believe people, who use AI will replace people who don’t. In his talk Andreas will take you for a deep dive of how Applied AI can generate value today. I will present how we help domain experts boost their efficiency with AI. At Ambolt AI we call this Human-centric AI.